Fan fails to start.

Just recieved the oven 2 days ago and the oven fan fails to start, if by chance it does start, it stops part way through the cooking cycle with constant pops and faint sweet electrical smell emanating from the rear.

Running the oven to drain the boiler before packing, I also noticed that the timer counts upwards, the temperature keeps increasing beyond the set temperature and very slowly.

Also, is it supposed to sound like a microwave?

Screen recording setting different fan speeds in which the fan still fails to start. Listen to the different sounds it makes. (the popping)

Recording of a cook in progress where where fan is supposed to be spinning on high, but is not moving.

When it does start, flipping through the speeds results in poor fan performance and speeds don’t seem consistent. Fan isn’t balanced and the motor sounds to be struggling.

Way too many issues with this for an $800 oven.l

Man, I’m glad I got the first edition. Mine’s been excellent other than the water tank, and they replaced that as soon as I asked.

So sorry for the inconvenience. Please email and we can troubleshoot this for you ASAP