Fan no longer run on my APO

Is there some condition that turns of the fan in the APO? I noticed that my baking is taking longer and when I checked, I noticed the fan in the back in no longer turning.

I disconnected the power to reset the APO. Then used the App to select Convection Baking which should use the fan at full speed. The APO started and start raising the temperature but the fan did not start.

Is there any other way to check the fan function? Other than the fan, the rest of APO seems working. Hopefully, it has not died in only a couple of months.


The default when starting from the handle is fan at max speed, the only way to turn it off or down is via the app. Unless you use steam or the back element you can control the fan speed from the app under Oven.

If there is an issue please contact support.

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Thank you all for the help and feedback.

I spoke to Anova Technical person today and was told the fan seems to be dead. It was not a software issue that I had hoped. The only solution is to return for a replacement. Given the less than 2 months I had the unit, I decided to ask for a return than risk another replacement. I don’t look forward to moving this huge item back and forth to be shipped out.

So sad to see this level of reliability. Quirks and all, I was beginning to get used to this oven. Wish it was more reliable.

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