Fan speed always high and cannot be changed

I am running the APO with latest firmware and iOS app version. Up until recently (about a month ago) I was able to change the fan speed from high to medium or low provided I didn’t use the rear heater and was not generating steam. As of yesterday, it seems the fan can be either High or Off. Is this a problem with my oven? Has anyone else noticed the same behavior?

Strange. For what its worth I can change it via the app. But cannot do it on the oven controls.

OK, update here. I USED to be able to change the fan speed if it was not on sous vide or steam (defaults to center element). Now that is no longer the case even when selecting top, bottom or both elements when it is now a choice between “high” and off.
Having said that I think it is not a big loss of function. Every domestic oven that has convection has it either on or off. You have to get into $17-20K combis to have that. But I wonder why they changed it. It was a kinda neat feature to play with.
Cheers, Peter

Anova support told me the feature was removed from the app because it’s implementation caused trouble in some cases for some ovens. Apparently it will be placed back once the bad behavior is fixed. While I agree that the big boys do offer variable fan speeds there is no real reason why a sub $1K oven could not have the same feature. I’m hopeful the feature will be made available again in the near future.