What happen to the oven? It's crap now...

What did you “specialists” do to the oven?
18 month it was running fine. Now it’s crap. Disconnects from the phone after 20 Seconds. Can stay on Wifi just a few Minutes. Need to unplug daily.
What crap did you “experts” do?
Seems PID sux too now. Temp setting is 205 - it goes fast to 204 - then idles for a few Minutes between 203-204

You need to get competent people to work that out. Competent people that can program AND cook! You app and oven function are designed by people that only consume instant noodles or takeaway food.

Thinks like switch off - 18 month later - still not done. App, still no copy function for recipes.

If you can handle it then make the app open source. What are you waiting for? Nothing was done the last 18 month.

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  1. Anova people do not follow our updates/questions. No help here at all.
  2. I removed Anova App from my cellpfone. I use my own cooking procedures and the app was intefering. Overriding my (manually entered) settings.
  3. Anova should modify their code or simply warn us experienced chefs that their releases are gonna interfere and possibly destroy our meals.

I use it mainly for baking breads. Means it runs a temp profile. Sure can be done manually too, but less convenient.

I feel like they really don’t know what they are doing. Also no software design skills. By going open source they could really increase the user base by a lot (but with their current build quality would also mean replacing 30% of products)

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It’s getting crappier now…

I am baking bread, that needs obviously 2 stages. Now very often it stops somewhere and turns off.

What a total peace of crap - I ask for an OFF function after baking - I get plenty of BS talk from staff that have no idea idea about baking because some even more stupid person told them oven can not switch off. And NOW, I get an unrequested OFF in the meddle of a bake. No warning. No notification. Now for a 90 Minute bake I need to stand next to the oven.

Seems Anova give a duck…

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Oven updated to firmware 2.1.3

It seems much after responding to the phone now. No bake today, but will try soon.

We use the oven daily because of the steam. We do check recipes quickly only to get an idea of the amount of steam and temp to use for various types of food. I tried to hook up to the app but it was not recognized so I gave up. Anyway, I have to watch the oven because it does what someone else mentioned, although sometimes worse: It will start to heat up quickly and then just stop, or even decrease. You have to push the temp you want repeatedly, it seems to jog it into action finally, and then you start increasing again to your desired temp. However, I had a major problem putting bread to proof and left, came back in a half hour to check and it had overridden the temp of 70, zoomed up and was baking my unrisen dough – ruined some expensive flour, butter, etc. They sent me a new oven, and I have the same problem with it, so I just watch it all the time. It’s too much a nuisance to have to clean it thoroughly and pack, and then go without an oven for a couple of weeks. My other gripe is the fact that they don’t have printable recipes. Every other source for recipes, even most cooking blogs go on and on, with photos, etc, always has a place where you can select “go to recipe” and the recipe is in printable one or two page format. You have a “print” selection, and out pops a letter size page with a recipe you can 3 hole punch and put in your own recipe book if it’s a keeper. With this format, I have to spend time copying the whole thing, then deleting all the repeated stuff, and making it into recipe ingredients and cooking steps. Yes, I find this all ridiculous, but the oven itself is great.

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