Anova Oven App Freezing/Won't Open

Hi Everyone!

I’ve found one of the best features of my APO is the App - but lately (only had the APO for a few weeks) the app becomes unresponsive mid cook and exiting the app means I can never open it again.
I’ve had to uninstall and reinstall the app multiple times, often twice in 1 day just to get through a cook.
Has anyone else experienced the same?
I have a Samsung GS8 & app version is latest available on google play store. I’ll raise a separate support request as well.

Could this be a weak wi-fi problem? Just guessing here.

I raised a support ticket as well.

I was given instructions to reset the oven and now no longer have the issue. I also found that turning wifi off during an app freeze seems to bring it out of the unresponsive loop but I haven’t had to do that since restting.

Reset the Anova Oven - by pressing and holding the Start and WiFi buttons for 8 seconds or until the entire display lights up.

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thanks for the information.

I was adding a second stage cook when the ios app froze. I killed it and restarted the app, and since then it starts with a spinner on the first tab, but never completes and I cannot change tabs. The app is now completely unfunctional.

I could delete and restart it, but thought I’d check here first as it was a royal pain the in posterior to get the oven to pair with my router than was 10 feet away.

So sorry about this. Please contact and we can troubleshoot your app!

This sounds pretty similar to what I experienced. I noticed that turning off wifi on my phone while the spinner seems non responsive gave the app a kick and I could use it again.
Ultimately resetting the APO fixed the problem for me and I haven’t experienced the issue again.

Well strangeness abounds - I write iOS sowftware for a living, so was quite well placed to investigate this. However, just killing the app/phone didn’t work. I have been busy all week, so didn’t get a chance to reset the oven (although I used it regularly and checked the app regularly).

Last night the app suddenly pinged me that my oven had reached temperature - I opened the app and it was working again. I don’t know if there was an update to the app or the oven, but it now works without me doing anything.

Glad to hear that! If you have any issues please contact and we can assist!

thanks for the awesome information.