APO app on Android crashes constantly

Since a few days, the APO app on Android crashes constantly.
Both on my Android 13 Huawei POCO F3, as well as on my Android 13 Samsung SM-X200 tablet.
I tried reinstalling on the POCO, but it doesn’t change a thing.

Anyway experienced this also?

You need to email @anovaculinary

The have a community forum board, but are far from being a part of that community in terms of assistance & general input…

Hey, curious if you ever got a resolution to this? My APO app has started freezing if I leave it open too long. I can close and “force-stop” and re-open it, but it forgets what stage it was on, all I can do is restart the cook or manually start doing the timers.

I reached out to support, that might work at some point, but their first suggestion was updating the firmware on the oven, and their second suggestion is to replace the oven!

Actually, it repaired itself in one of the updates.
However, very often, it forgets my oven and I have to re-add it.