APO app on Android crashes constantly

Since a few days, the APO app on Android crashes constantly.
Both on my Android 13 Huawei POCO F3, as well as on my Android 13 Samsung SM-X200 tablet.
I tried reinstalling on the POCO, but it doesn’t change a thing.

Anyway experienced this also?

You need to email @anovaculinary

The have a community forum board, but are far from being a part of that community in terms of assistance & general input…

Hey, curious if you ever got a resolution to this? My APO app has started freezing if I leave it open too long. I can close and “force-stop” and re-open it, but it forgets what stage it was on, all I can do is restart the cook or manually start doing the timers.

I reached out to support, that might work at some point, but their first suggestion was updating the firmware on the oven, and their second suggestion is to replace the oven!

Actually, it repaired itself in one of the updates.
However, very often, it forgets my oven and I have to re-add it.

June 2024. Newest firmware, newest app. Still freezing.

I haven’t contacted support (about this specifically)

I can’t believe that they suggested @reid to replace the oven for what is clearly a software issue.

I have already returned my Ginormous Anova Oven twice.
Once for when it started to make a horrendous noise and another when the touch sensors on the handle would become completely unresponsive unless you unplugged the oven and plugged it back in again.

The box is a beast to take to UPS, I really don’t want to return yet another one

I had this software issue with all three ovens, but it was the least of my concerns before.

I remember the app losing its place in the “cook steps” before, but now after the crash it DOES resume.

I’m probably just getting old and want to complain, but I find myself missing my toaster oven.

It almost always crashed on my Android phone, never on my iPad.

I’m having the same problem with the app crashing on my Android and to make matters worse, trying to set a temperature directly on the oven barely works. I can only go up 1 degree ever 2 seconds or so. Never minded in the past because I always use the app to set the temp. Now it’s laborious to use either.

I have notified Anova and so far the response has been to send a video of the problem. I don’t know how to capture the app problem on video. It just all of a sudden stops working randomly after a few minutes (or sometimes less). Nothing shows on the screen. It’s just frozen.