Brand new oven crashing all the time

Just bought the APO, upnacked yesterday. Updated the firmware to the latest. Tried to make cinamon rolls, the APO is !@#$ing hard crashing every few minutes, I can’t even get it to temperature (180C), because it’s broken. I see this is an ongoing issue reported by other users for years now

did I just waste a ton of cash?

how does my crash look like?
For a minute or two, the oven works as expected. All systems nominal. Then it just shuts down. Stays down for two/three minutes. Then starts again, forgetting whatever it was doing. I can start manually the process again, but it will crash again. I tried 10 times, each time it crashes. Piece of junk!

oh. This is happening when setting the oven using the touch buttons on the handle as well as when using the mobile app.

I am having the exact same issues🤬

Warranty replacement looks appropiate. Contact Anova customer support if you haven’t already. This forum is not really a way to contact Anova.

I initiated warranty claim before I created this topic, but I am so disappointed with the device I had to voice my frustration here, and potentially warn other buyers about the state of APO in November 2023.

@Gilly, I’m sorry to hear that, but it’s a relief to know I’m not the only one affected :stuck_out_tongue:

FWIW, I’ve had one for 3+ years, never crashed once.

Ovens break during shipping, lemons happen. Just contact customer service and get it replaced. Be prepared to send a smartphone video to them of the problem.

Make sure you are running the latest firmware. There’s an app update this week too, btw.

Join us on Reddit’s r/CombiSteamOvenCooking, where there are a lot of APO users who can provide advice.

My oven worked perfectly until they forced an update. I started having the same problem. As suggested on the Facebook group, I think :-), I unplugged it for 24 hours and that fixed the problem.

With any kit that uses memory retention it likely has capacitors, which if something sticks I always try to unplug from the wall (not just leave off but plugged in) and the minimum of 24 hours for caps to dissipate somewhat, (something we also did for high end kit on the bench before we worked on it)

My pro sous vide locked out from new, did the above, it remained locked out, flicked the wall power a few times in quick succession, working properly ever since.

Micro-processors & the I.T. crowd tv programme phrase “have you tried turning it off & on yet” often works to the same effect as a crashed PC / laptop / tablet / mobile phone/ xbox etc…

I could have sent my unit back (& it packs down easier than an oven unit) thus the reason to try a few familial logical steps first & foremost.

I had trouble with my first oven. Second one would shut off. Above worked hard to help. After they installed the new software no problems. Would not trade my oven for anything. I bake almost everyday and no problems ( maybe 200 loafs on new one no problems. Most likely a software problem.

Just joined to post same thing…fired up new oven, added app and network just fine, did the burn-in just fine, but noticed later same night it kept beeping about several times an hour, so simply unplugged it. Fast forward a few weeks later (holidays) and I try my first cook: sous vide 4# pork loin, set to 147F, probe 140F, 100% steam. Launch cook from app, and it fires up to preheat. Within 5 minutes, oven reboots, kills cook program. Had to trick it to complete that initial cook, nearly a dozen restarts. Now cannot even get oven to stay on past 10 minutes, often reboots during a pre-heat. Have tried the reset, change outlets, etc. but have given up and resorted to seeking a replacement, or refund. Bummer, because it looks like it could be a nice oven if its promise were fulfilled.