Another Front panel limitation

I noted a serious limitation on using the front panel instead of the App.

The oven remember the last used setting on the heaters. Once started, you cannot switch the heaters without shutting down.

This is a problem when the oven is used w multiple users in a home. Depending on the last heater settings, we had a few disasters in our experience.

The oven should reset to default settings once it is turned off. Or allow for changing the heaters in the middle of a cycle.

Anova may disagree, but the front panel usage of the oven has way too many limitations. The WiFi in the oven is not reliable enough for most of the time. 2.4G signal is sensitive to microwave usage in a kitchen.

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I second the idea of being able to change burners mid-cook!


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Agreed and if I may add, if just when a cooking disaster is about to appear, you are not able to handle it because of connectivity issues and front panel not reacting, this becomes a safety issue

But, you can. Or at least I can. Press and hold the element symbol you want to switch to until it starts flashing. Seems you cannot turn on rear and top without the app but the four settings on the handle are easy to switch between.


The thing I miss is some way of controlling the fan setting directly on the handle.

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Thanks for the tip about holding the selection. I’ll try it.

Anova needs more choice buttons like the one that switch between Temp vs Probe on their front panel.

I doubt we’ll see any improvement given the current setup.

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Just tried this as I’ve had the same problem before and this works. It’s probably in the manual somewhere, but hey, who reads them these days…

Agree 100%.

When I use it as a grill (top burner on) I don’t want a fan going. I generally have the front door open as well. A pain to have to use the app just to turn the fan off. (First world prob I know :slight_smile: )