Anova Oven Fan Noise and Rattle

Am I the only one that the fan is making noise and rattle at low and medium speed ?


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Hi! Sorry to hear that. If you can, please reach out to with a video and we can take a look for you. Thank you.

I have the same issue.

I have the same problem. The oven has a loud pulsating knocking sound when the fan speed is set to low or medium, sometimes in Off setting also.
Contacted support, they are replacing the oven. It is going back today.

I’ve had my oven for about six weeks now… love it! But my fan is starting to be pretty noisy now, too… seems to be noisy, then quiet for 30 seconds, then noisy again… a lot more noisy than it was up till now, so I don’t think it’s normal or else it wouldn’t be a new thing… Thoughts?