I am getting concerned about noises my new oven is making, especially when the fan is on low or high. It makes like a rumbling sound. Anyone else have this problem, I did not notice it at first then when I needed to change the fan setting I did.

Hi ya @irhutch I’m not ANOVA customer service.

Four years old APO? Well used?

Sounds to this retired engineer like a bearing or dirty fan blade. Touching the cabinet damps the resonance. There is more energy in low frequency / speed resonance than in high speed.

Best wishes.


I would not think it would be dirty or worn as it is a brand new oven, only done a couple of cooks in it. The noise that dampened when I touched the case was distinctly different than the low noises at low and medium fan levels. I think few people use low or medium, you can only change it on the app.

We can help! Drop a note to and we can investigate. That does sound abnormal, especially on low.

I don’t know if it is similar but the fan in my 2 month old APO suddenly died. Anova technicians sent some directions to troubleshoot but finally told me it has to be replaced.

This is a great oven that seems to have reliability or quality control issues. Reliable convection fans are not unique parts. The fan in my 20 year old Melie convection oven is still running fine.

Good luck on yours.