Noisy Fan

I may be totally imagining this, but about halfway through my very first cook with the oven, I suddenly noticed the fan noise. Was it always there? Did it start halfway through? Is it normal? I gotta believe it is, but I’m curious about other peoples’ experience, because I was sure it suddenly got louder a few hours in.


I have noticed that there is a sound the rear fan makes normally and then at times it shifts gears and is louder. I’ve tried to keep and ear out for when and why, but it hasn’t been that important to me.

Yeah, that makes sense, thanks!

Ths case is not well attached and it can amplify the fan noise. Tappyg th cancan sometimes lessen the noise.

I appreciate the response. I haven’t noticed any real looseness in the case (in fact, the oven seems to be pretty well put together), but I didn’t look that closely at it. @jumpjump’s response seemed to fit my experience really pretty well.

Thanks, though, I’ll have a look at it.


I’ve just received my replacement oven and the fan makes a lot more noise than my first oven. The best way to describe it is a loud, droning noise that starts during the cook. Are these fan troubles things that can be potentially fixed with firmware updates?

I wouldn’t think so, no. Mine drones on a bit, too – sounds a lot like a slightly noisier microwave – and it does seem to have a second gear, as @jumpjump suggested. But the fan noise, I am learning, is the nature of a convection oven.

Are you sure your replacement is noisier? Could that be an optical illusion?