Taking too long to come to temperature

My APO arrived this weekend. I set it up, did the burn-in, and ran a 1 hour SVM test at 140f. The next day’s meal plan was for tacos, so the only use the oven got was to heat the store-bought tortillas. I noticed it took a long time to reach 140f, but thought that might be because it was still new.

Today, I wanted to cook some green beans in the APO to go with spaghetti and meatballs. The oven is taking a ridiculously long time to come to temp. It took 36 minutes to reach 186f. Settings were SVM on, 100% steam, Rear heating element, fan on high. I expected it to heat to 186 in a few minutes. Now my meal timing is off.

Guess I’ll have to plan on a 30 minute preheat whenever I use the oven. That will sure reduce the advantages I thought I’d be getting when using the oven. Since the suggested timing for reheating leftovers is 20 minutes a 30 minute preheat would push that out to 50 minutes just to reheat some leftovers. I’m underwhelmed.

That’s not normal: Mine makes crispy-one-side Naan toast in the time it takes to fry an egg.

Welcome to the community. So sorry you are having issues. Something does not sound right with your oven, as those heat up times are not normal. Email support@anovaculinary.com and we can assist ASAP

UPDATE: Anova support took excellent care of my problems. I now have a new oven that works great. I’m looking forward to learning how to get the most from this new kitchen tool.

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Glad you are back up and running!