Need Help With Step 1 of Oven Set Up

Following step 1 in instructions:

Set oven to 356 F, timer 15 minutes, rear element.

Temperature is going up and down and time is not progressing.

Any hints? Pretty disappointing that step one doesn’t work.


Contact anova, there is no guarantee your question will be answered, this forum is not monitored.

We’d appreciate that when / if it is sorted you leave follow up details in this thread just in case.

In the end, I returned the first oven. The second one came with water droplets all over the inside (when taped sealed). I was told that this probably happened in “quality control” and they forgot to wipe it dry. I could not get responses for an average of 3 days. I decided this was not an acceptable level of customer service, so I returned it and have abandoned owning this product.

I understand your concern, however contextually this, however shonky & plain wrong as part of the production process is likely soak (no pun intended) running things through basic operations, combinations, bringing things up to heat, of which steam will play an important part.

But I agree, shonky, & even now anything made abroad for another company needs its own people at the head of the line & the end of the line to give reassurance to quality & production run targets being met.
Companies that don’t do this in china (etc) are wasting time, money reputation et al.

It claws back the money it costs very quickly.