Cook times with preheating

I’m using my ANOVA for the first time, and ive started with the garlic mashed potatoes on the website. The thing is that I put the potatoes in at the same time as the ANOVA and now it’s been 2.5 hours and hasn’t reached the 195 degree point yet. Am I still going to have to wait the 1.5 hours before they’re cooked or is it same to assume I can cut some cooking time down?

I would assume, if your bath hasn’t reached the correct temperature in that time that there is something amiss with your machine. Call support at the phone number listed o the website or by email

While I am unsure of the size of your cooking bath, it is not normal for preheating to take so long.

Thanks for responding so quickly! I don’t think I’m properly set up. I’m using a 20l pot with nothing to cover it.
Will my potatoes ever cook or should I give up for today?

If you’re not up to temp in 2.5 hrs in a 20 litre pot there is something wrong with your unit. Covering the pot is only required to stop evaporation over long cooks.

The potatoes won’t cook if they can’t reach temperature.

Hi There, Make sure you have set the Temp Measurement Units to Celsuis and it is not still on Fahrenheit. I fell for that and had the same problem.

I would also suggest (though its obviously too late for that now), but get your water to temp before putting in your food, unless you’re using the ice method (which i think is mostly for meat). The more you have in there, the longer it’ll take to raise the temp. I’ve also been known to use hot water from the tap for my initial start up!