Warmup and overall time

I read in one review that it took 4 hours for the water in a large pan to reach cooking temperature. I’ve looked but cannot find how this affects settings. Do you simply add a certain number of hours to the cooking-time setting, based upon # of gallons of water in pan, or what? So if I wanted to cook steaks and it says 1.5-8 hours, and I have a pot full of 5 gallons of water, would I start it 4 hours earlier and set it at 5.5 hours minimum?

I can’t totally say since I don’t have my unit yet, but I have read many times where it is suggested that you start with hot water and even cheat a little by adding some boiling water if you need to to get it up to temp. I’d be surprised if it really took four hours to get a pot up to temp, but I really don’t know. If it does, I think I would be concerned about leaving your food in there for four hours in the danger zone temp.

Don’t put your steaks in the bath until the water is up to temp. Then set your timer.