2 roasts at once?

I have an almost 6 pound bone in chuck roast. I have to use zip lock bags and it is too big. Could I cut it in half and put it in two different bags? Also none of the recipes I have looked at on the app tell me to clip the food to the side of the pot???

Thanks in advance.

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I cut large pieces and have had no problems. Also, I never clip. I think is reduces the heat distribution, but I have never heard anyone mention a problem with it.


That roast could be almost anything from the next door neighbour of a prime rib roast to a solid shoulder roast that could use a up to a 48 hour cook.

Thankfully, President Trump has done away with the meat police. You can always cut overly large pieces of meat into smaller pieces to facilitate cooking.

Do as you please if you need 3x ?.
I get it.

I only recommend clipping meat packages to your vessel if you don’t heat-seal, - just to be safe. Zip-Loc, and other brands, have seal failures occasionally. Use the heaviest weight freezer quality bags you can afford. A good quality bag is a lot less expensive than its contents.

Thanks!! It’s a good-looking piece of meat whatever it is. It’s more flat and big than my usual roast that are thicker. I sure hope it turns out good.

When you cut them did you put them in separate bags?

It’s your choice. To help you decide, think about the size of your cooking vessel.

If i were cooking it i would cut the meat off the bone and package the muscle groups in a logical manner for roasts. That would also make it easier to handle and promote water circulation around the meat.

You don’t give me confidence you are knowledgeable of the cuts of beef. It might be useful some time to become more familiar as there a couple of cuts in the chuck that can be steaked to give you bargain rib-eyes.