Beef Blade roast advice

I have a beef blade roast that is 1.3kg, need advice on a cook temp and time for medium rear, Iv checked other roasts info but not sure if should cut in half and use two bags, thanks in advance for any reply. Photos to follow.

I think we refer to that as chuck roast. I do these all the time for roast beef. No need to split into multiple bags, 1.3kg is fine in one bag. 54C for about 8 hours on that size cut will give you a nice roast you can slice thin for sandwiches. 24-30 hours for a more tender, prime-rib ish texture. And anywhere in between will yield varying degrees of one or the other.

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The time and temperature @acs mentioned have worked great for me. This cut of meat turns out tender and juicy.

Please post your pictures when it is done.

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Would this be the same guide for an inside or outside round?

Inside round is apparently what we call top round and outside is bottom round. If this is correct, I would say I’ve used longer at the short time of the scale as those are tough cuts. Rather than 8 hours, I’ve gone around 11 for the short cook (1kg after trimming) for something that can be sliced thin after it’s cooled. 24-30 is fine for the longer cook, can even go 36.

Again, these are all at 54C or 55C, higher temps are not something I’ve worked with for this cut.

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I’m about to do a Blade Roast (1.26kgs) 135F (57c) for 24 hours as per a recipe I got off the 'net… and I’ve also seen an Anova recipe that states…

“The sous-vide temperature is 138 – 142°F (59 – 61°C).
The minimum cook time to sous-vide chuck roast is 18 – 36 hours. I would recommend going up to 20 hours, to get an even more tender roast”

So I’d say mine is pretty well in the ball park. Will post some pics when I find out how :slight_smile: