Beef bottom round

I bought a bottom round roast yesterday. I have it seasoned vac sealed and in freezer to cook later this week. What temp and time should i use?

What doneness do you want it, and how thick is it?

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Medium rare and i would say it is around 6" at the most.

Scott, that’s a large and solid piece of beef you have there.

To properly cook it using the Anova PC you will have to split it in half lengthwise, or cut it in uniformly thick slices no thicker than 2 3/4-inches thick each.

Why is it in the freezer?
Unless it has already been very well-aged and trimmed it would benefit from a few days more age loosely covered in your refrigerator before cooking.

For medium rare and if it’s well aged high grade beef, thaw (sorry), cut and repack it, and cook for 24 hours at 135F./57.5C.

If it’s USDA Select, or basic grocery store beef, it will need longer, 36 to 48 hours. With long cooks you often need to weigh down the meat because it will tend to float. Sear it for flavour and slice thinly for service across the grain of the meat.

My personal preference is about 130F/54.4C. I would also do it as a whole lump for 24 to 36 hours, depending on your desired end result. You might even want to take it out to 48 hours.

That’s the beauty of cooking. Everybody has their ways and preferences. The best suggestion is experiment and get to know yours.