Outside round Steak

Bought two outside round steak of about 300 gram and I like my steak cook rare. how should I do it to get it rare. They are about 1 inch tick. They will be vacuum sealed

Thank you all for you helps

If i was trying to cook an outside rubs steak to rare, i would probably do about 130°F for a minimum of 24 hours.

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Ok I did one outside round steak 300 gram about 1 inch tick. season with salt and pepper and vacuum seal. Set the Anova at 130 for 2 hours. Pull out of the fridge when the Anova was ready and put the bag into the water for 2 hours. The Steak was a bit tough not because of the sous vide but because of the cut. It was really juicy and cook rare inside. I was really please with my result, still learning really just starting doing sous vide. But I was please with the result, I sear the steak after padding it dry with hand paper. I should have let the steak rest for a minute before eating it there was lot of juice into the plate. Someone told me to buy myself a good book to write down every step ( just found the name @chatnoir ) and I did write down every step. So I can learn from every venture into the sous vide.

Now I can really see having a better cut and really enjoying it. I’m starting to understand why people like sous vide so much. Anyway this is a great place to learn and I’m so happy I went with Anova. One of the reason was the support and the community or forum. There where cheaper brand but really happy with my choice.
Have a great day Cooking sous vide.

@Blackoctaupus If you get around to trying the suggested 24 hours at 130F that @Brian1 suggested please make sure and post your results here. I expect that it should be considerably more tender (but you can’t know for sure until it’s been tried!).

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Tomorrow will find out for lunch, how the steak will be. Did try the 24 hours at 130 will know tomorrow