Bottom round or prime rib? Hard to tell.

I got a nice piece of very lean bottom round with a “$ off at register” sticker. It is a tougher, more dense cut and perfect for sous vide.

I cooked it 24 hours at 130F and finished it 425F for 15 minutes. The result was so tender and moist that I sliced it nice and thick and ate it like prime rib. Just salt and pepper.


I will have to try this as this cut has great flavor. Normally I cook the same piece at 130°F for a couple of hours and cool it. I then use a meat slicer to make really thin sandwich meat. This is looks like a great way to cook it.


That close-up, though! The second pic looks so good!

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Thanks. I like to think that I can take a decent picture.

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Yep, they turned out way better than mine (but your roast did as well) :slight_smile:
I tried 131F for 48 hours, then chilled for 30 mins in an ice bath, then a quick sear in a blistering hot cast iron pan (with avocado oil).
Very tender and tasty (coated with garlic & onion powders, black pepper and kosher salt pre-cook).
Next time I think I’ll try to recreate your results and dial it back a day. :slight_smile:

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Richard, just to clarify. The finishing in your example is actually broiling for 15 minutes, no? (a pre-heated 425F oven doesn’t produce a similar result).

No, it was not the broiler. What I didn’t mention was patting dry and adding some cooking oil spray before seasoning. High up in the oven and on a rack so heat can get all around.

This doesn’t produce a bark, it just changes the color.

I want to try this finishing in the oven with the convection fan turned on. I also wonder how this would turn out if you cut the roast into 1.5" steaks and cooked them for 24 hours and then seared.

Steaks don’t work as well, It is best for larger pieces with odd shapes. It has hardly any heat penetration on a roast as you can see from these slices of prime rib.

Thanks! Yep…“virtually” broiling by being so close to the element - the oil being what added the sheen and gave a better finish. I’ll add that next time. :slight_smile: