Prime Rib Roast plan. Can someone double check me?

Seems everyone wants a prime rib roast (this weekend, after Thanksgiving turkey) so here’s what I plan to do. Haven’t made one before so I’d love to get opinions from you guys if you have.

First, don’t know if I’m getting one with/without ribs, (any preference?)   I plan to season the roast with salt/pepper and then broil it for a few minutes on all sides to get a good browning going. Then will put into a vac seal bag and sous vide @ 133 or 135 for about 10 hours. I’ve seen widely varying times and temps on web searches and I’ll probably have a roast around 8 lbs. In the water bath by 8am, out at 6pm. For finishing I could either broil it, smoke it on the BBQ grill with wood and then over the fire, or blacken it with cast iron. 

Comments and your experiences would be most appreciated.

Thank you

I have not done a prime rib roast yet so no advice on the time. I have not really seen the benefit of the pre-searing. Doing it after seems to work fine and I cannot notice a difference in taste.

Thanks John, was thinking that the burned fat taste might penetrate the meat after so many hours. 

Weight of roast won’t help. We’d need more information, like the thickness and how well done you want to cook it…

Alrighty, follow up on the rib roast from above.

I bought a 10 1/2 lb prime rib roast with four bones. Took the backside fat cap off but left the top cap on. Rubbed it with a spice mix I made and then managed to get it inside a 2.5 gal Hefty bag and then sealed it using water immersion.

Went into the water bath @ 133 for a little over 7 1/2 hours then I smoked it over hickory on a Webber grill with indirect heat for 30 min or so, seared it over flame and then more smoking and basting with a red wine sauce with shallots, garlic and some horseradish. Took it off the grill, let it rest for a bit and then cut the rib bones out and sliced into prime rib steaks. Served it with the red wine sauce, some horseradish cream and compound herb butter in case people didn't want horseradish. 

Would absolutely make it again


Looks really good. Did you get much smoke flavor? Smoke permeates cold meat better than hot so I am guessing only some surface taste.

That looks perfect. Bet those rib bones are wonderful as well