Prime Rib Roast- How long?

I’ll be cooking a prime rib roast (aprox 7 pounds, no bones) on Christmas day. I’ve seen a bunch of diffrent times on the internet, ranging from 6 hours to 24 hours. Has anyone had any experience cooking prime rib with the Anova?

Dinner is at 5pm and I wan’t to know how early I’ll have to get up to actually have it cooked by then.


@sotrt‌ Check out our reference guide for time/temps.

Also, here is a great reference for prime rib specifically.

Ideally you’re looking at between 5-10 hours.

Cooked it 6 hours 15 minutes at 135.5. Came out fantastic! [missing image removed]

@sotrt‌ AWESOME ! That looks amazing !

10 hours at 134 degrees