Please help prime rib

I have a 4.5lb bone in prime rib roast and I’m looking for time and temperature suggestions for medium rare

Hey Chong, why not just follow Jeff Akin’s recipe at the Anova recipe file? It’s just a couple of clicks away.

The only adjustment i would make to that recipe is to oven-finish your roast at a higher temperature, say 450F or more to get a little more crust and crispy fat.

I’ve got fresh rosemary and thyme growing in my kitchen and i usually add a few sprigs of each to a beef cooking bag. They impart an enhanced flavour to the meat juices that can be incorporated in your au jus or gravy.

If you haven’t tried it, a very low and slow oven cook can give you an even more delicious outcome.

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Hey @Chongy28 here’s the recipe that @chatnoir mentioned: