Recipe for 10# bone in Prime rib roast and whether or not my Sous vide is capable of cooking it

Need to think in terms of dimension rather than weight. And on bone or off?

That’s an expensive piece of meat to experiment with.

I advise aquiring some knowledge before jumping in the deep end of SV. Stick a toe in first by perusing Community postings to learn from others’ experiences.

Start slow to go fast.

At the top right of this page, you’ll see “RECIPES”. Click on it and enter “Prime Rib” into the box. You’ll see that other users questions about SV cooking Prime Rib are there. Perhaps the answer to your question will be there. But I agree with chatnoir, an expensive experiment. We were blown away by how tender and juicy a lowly boneless skinless chicken breast turned out cooked SV! I learned by going through the recipes on the Anova main page, and the internet. I am learning much more by coming here with my results of a SV cook, if less than my expectations, and asking advice. I then jot down the suggestions in my sous vide journal.
Good Luck!