Chewy Ribeye

I just got my precision cooker recently and couldn’t wait to get started.  First think i did was a chicken breast.  149F for about 1:30 and it was great, no stringy meat and cut like butter.  second one I did was a pork chop.  this i did at 145F for about 1 hour.  The chop turned out surprisingly dry.  Now, the one thing I couldn’t wait for was a steak.  Looking at all the pictures online, i thought how great it would be to have a steak cooked to the perfect temp all the way through.  so I did what looked to be fairly standard, which was a 1" thick Ribeye at 125F for about 50 min.  took it out and put it over a very hot charcoal grill for about 1 minute a side, just enough to get a nice brown and sizzling fat.  Cut into it and it looked beautiful, took a bite and it was slightly less chewy than my shoe.  This was not a cheap cut of meat, it was from a very good butcher in my area and I have gotten plenty of great steaks there.

Anyone else have this experience? Should it have been in the water bath longer?

It’s tricky to diagnose without more information, but there are a few things that spring to mind. First, that temperature and time look a bit low for me, I usually 'nova a prime cut at 136f for between 60 and 90 minutes. Second, the steak needs to be thoroughly dried before searing, and the pan must be blazing hot with very little oil. Ideally use a cast iron or carbon steel pan and sear for 30 seconds or less per side. Third, vacuum sealing the steak with a knob of butter gives the meat some more juice to cook in. Not only does this make the meat more tender, but also enrichens the flavour and makes more bag juices (baggoo) to make a sauce with. 

Good luck with the next one, once you get a decent steak dialed in you can repeat it perfectly every time and the results are phenomenal.

I think that you will find that if you normally like a steak rare cooked using traditional methods you may like medium rare more when using the sous vide method. I now cook all of my steaks between 132°-135° F and I enjoy them more. At lower temperatures the fat does not really melt into the meat. When ordering in restaurants it is always a gamble and I order rare with hopes that it will be mostly medium rare. You might also want to try just a little more time to let the temperature stabalize throughout. If the meat is cold it takes a little more time to get it all up to room temperature.

My go to method is to seal a steak in a bag either with a little bit of a marinade or like @Simon_C said with knob of butter. I also like throwing a little sliced garlic into the bag. As far as the temperature I am with and shoot for around 130 or so and I usually let it cook for at least an hour. I have never had a chewy steak even when I cooked up a less than desirable store cut steak. Hope you have a much better experience the next go round. 

@cmj4979 Did you season the pork chop with salt before cooking it? Salt can have a curing effect at low temps resulting in drier, firmer meat.