Roast Beef 4kg Cooking Time and temp

Hi people,

I just got my Anova Precision Cooker a couple of days ago and so far made chicken breast (on the bone), burgers, short ribs, veal steak, beef shoulder steak… all good, all great!

Got myself a large 13L plastic container with lid (cutout for the Anova) and I now I would like to make half a piece of roast-beef around 2-3kg. Nice piece of meat with like 1cm of fat on the top.

Since I live in Germany and over here people don’t really differentiate the different cuts of beef as much as in the US/Canada, I have trouble finding the right cooking time and temp for this piece of meat.

The piece I got is just called “Roast Beef”, no more information like Sirloin, Rump, etc. Just by looking at it, I would suspect it’s a shortloin or sirloin.

As to temperature I’ve found that most people use 55-60°C for this kind of cut, however I found only timeframes for sliced pieces, not whole ones.

Any ideas?

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Hello Korgo!

That is a great question! In researching the best answer for you, I found an incredible chart to reference beef cut name translations across multiple languages - so I thank you for the opportunity to discover something that I am going to be able to use to help more people! You can find it here (pardon the long link!):

According to this chart, the meat you have is likely a strip loin roast and will require 4 hours of cooking with a maximum cooking time of 8 hours. I found THIS information at:

Again - thank you!

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Great response. Thanks!