2 Stage Sous Vide?

In reading online references about sous vide, I see that some important beef tenderizing occurs in the 120-123F range below the recipe (and my own) suggested cooking temperatures of high 120’s to low 130’s. Has anyone tried holding one of the middling quality cuts of steak at that lower range (keeping within food safety guidelines) for most of the cook time, then raising the water temp to reach the desired done-ness level?

Incidentally thanks to those who offered suggestions about my 1st porterhouse experience, I did a sirloin steak Saturday strictly according to Anova guidelines and a more brief flame sear, and it was perfect.

Hi Ddaye

I see you have read up on this.

Did you see this thread?


So your not really within food safety guide lines.

Something not normally in the food science library, Take e.coli - If it grows in the meat and then you pasteurise it no one will fall ill from it. However there is growing evidence that when e.coli breaks down is leaves low level toxins behind which may be harmful in he long term.

Thanks, OK I don’t need to borrow trouble! Since posting the question I’ve gotten the same response about residual bacterial toxins from some acquaintances who have education in that area. I’ll stick to the food safety standards!

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