220V International (UK Plug) Sold Out?

Hello Anova,

Firstly, I would like to order another one of the Anova Precision Cooker 220V International with UK Plug to ship to Hong Kong, the online store indicated that it is ‘Sold Out’, so I would like to know about when will the UK Plug version be available.

Second question, I tried the online ordering system, and it indicated that shipping charge for ONE unit would be $69.99 to Hong Kong, and $99.99 to ship TWO units; when I tried to increase the quantity to THREE units, it does not show an amount for shipping, so does it mean that you would offer free shipping if I order THREE or more units? Please kindly advise… Many thanks!

@makintung I’ll let you know about the 220V UK plug-in availability as soon we have an update.

Regarding shipping prices to Hong Kong, per FedEx, orders weighing up to 7 lb. are priced at $69.99 and those over 8 lb. are $99.99. I would expect the rate to remain at $99.99 for 3+ units. Could you send me a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

Thank you!

Hi Anova,
I would like to get one with UK plug. Please notify me whenever it becomes available again.

@evonhui @makintung We are expecting a shipment this week, and those will need to go through a final testing for quality assurance, so if we receive the batch as expected then we hope to have them back in stock in a couple weeks, ideally. If anything changes I’ll let you know. Be sure to check back - I’ll keep an eye out for updates for you as well!

Is it so difficult to order a 220v unit with one of the other plug options (if available) and then put a UK plug on it? That’s the quick way to get your order!

@DavidA Do you mean for customers to purchase an adapter?

Either that or cut off the non-UK plug and fit one yourself. I use my unit with a 2 to 3 pin adapter with no problems.

The only reason that I haven’t re-plugged it is that I’m moving to Fr

(continued) ance fairly soon and the 2 pin plug will be ok then.

@DavidA Ahh, nice! Lived there for a couple of years, I miss it. Bon courage!

Anywho, back to sous vide, I’m assuming you have the 220v UK version then? I might not trust myself cutting off a plug and re-fitting (and I don’t have the need) but is it complicated?

Piece de gateaux!