5 different meats, in 2 back to back SV cookings

So here’s what I have going on with my SV

I started my machine last night at 10pm, set for 50hrs @ 133 F. I put in a London Broil, marinaded for 36 hrs in Soy Sauce, and seasoned generously with only garlic powder and black pepper.
Then in seperate bags I started a big fat 20oz Ribeye steak, also marinaded in SS, and seasoned the same. And finally, a third bag with a little petite beef sirloin steak, for my petite GF :wink:
Having the steaks tonight for dinner, and they will have been cooked for “much longer” than I ever cooked a steak… About 16 or 18 hrs… But based on a steak that Guga cooked for 168 hrs, which was apparently still quite good, I’m actually pretty confident :slightly_smiling_face:
Then, tomorrow the London broil will come out at about 40-45 hrs…

And then, the SV machine will be set for 24 hrs @ 150 F. And in will go a nice 3 lb pork tenderloin roast, and in another bag, a side of pork baby back ribs :slightly_smiling_face: Both of these bags will be seasoned only with salt and black pepper, but both will also get a good shot of liquid smoke.
So, the pork tenderloin will be done tomorrow night after about 4-6 hrs, and will be eaten with my breakfast for the next few days :slightly_smiling_face: …but the baby back ribs will stay in over night and pulled out at 24+ hours the next day for dinner.

I know this sounds like lots of coordinating… But SV is so forgiving, I always just set the machine for several hours longer than I’m expecting, and just get to it whenever I get to it :slightly_smiling_face:

Will post some pics later.

A good shot!

Hold on there Chris, any liquid smoke product i’ve ever used was extremely concentrated. Go easy with it, as in 4 to 6 drops for a full rack or it’s all you will taste with those ribs no matter how you sauce them.

Happy cooking.


Good luck with it all. My only real concern is the pork tenderloin. That’s a tiny piece, usually little more than 3 inches thick at one end, of already naturally tender meat. It really doesn’t need anything more than being brought up to temperature.

Personally, I do all those at 130F so I’d have them all in the same bath and just drop them in and pull them out at various times during the long cook.

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Yes, the stuff I’ve used on the past was really strong like that. But my GF got this stuff somewhere, and it tastes pretty much the same, but not near as strong. I used about a tablespoon, and it was fine.

Well, you were correct… It was all really good, but the tenderloin roast was kind of… Dry ? I mean, it’s okay. But yea, next time, a lower temp, and much shorter cook. Live and learn.

Actually I didn’t do the baby back ribs yet either, as we were starting to get backed up on meat, and didn’t even have time for the leftovers ! Will eat leftover London broil tonight, and also start the baby back ribs for tomorrow.