28, it hr steaks, and still not too much....

So I did those last Picanha’s for 24 hrs at 135F, and they were great :slight_smile: But the (great) thing is, with SV, you can always let it go longer if your just not quite ready… or not at home to pull your meat out.
I always set my machine to go WAY longer than I’m really expecting, just for this reason.
So yesterday, we were out on a nature walk (social distancing, sure… stay at home, helz no !) and then, even after getting back home, I totally forgot about the SV. By the time I remembered it, it had been 28 hrs. Had one this morning, seared in butter… and who needs teeth anyway :slight_smile: lol Tasted great, and was perfectly done for my tastes. VERY tender, but not mushy or powdery whatsoever.

Maybe its just me, but I’m getting to where I don’t want to SV anything, for less than 16 or 18 hrs, and apparently 24hrs or more is not usually a problem either :slight_smile:

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