5 Minute Cooler Mod

Check out my 5 minute Cooler Mod, so easy and now I have a quiet energy efficient hot tub. Sorry a couple of pictures show up sideways on the Anova website but are upright in the app…bug?

Nice post jambo…although I would like to hear the backstory on how the head of your 3 iron got in the bath. Is the lost club in a pond at the course? :sunglasses:

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Yes in the pond like most of my balls…Lol
I couldn’t think of anything heavy to weigh the sous vide bags down so I cut off the head, any suggestions?

Jambo…absolutely. go with this. Stainless steel, adjustable, and will pin those pesky floaters when used upside down!


Great idea, I can clamp onto the pegs.

This is on my list of things to do - today.