72 Hour Brisket 52.3C

In the app as long cook brisket.

Just made this again last night… great stuff.

Looks great, but for that length of cook isn’t it only safe above 54.5°C?


Never had an issue.
Ever see Heston Blumenthal’s roast chicken recipe? That breaks some of those rules.

Ha ha ha, yeah, I have… good point.

There are only four rules in the linked article and three of them don’t apply to Blumenthal’s recipe:

  1. chicken is not cooked below 130F
  2. not using immersion circulator so its temperature calibration is of no concern
  3. not cooking in plastic

This leaves #3: pasteurization. The chicken is left to rest for 45 minutes once it reaches internal temperature of 60 degrees C. Should be enough time to satisfy the 30 minutes recommended.