Chicken temperature

I see recipes for chicken ranging from 136 to 165. Since 165 is the safe temperature, am I correct in assuming that it is always necessary to cook the chicken after sous vide, e.g. fry, bake, grill?

You are not correct; using proper sous vide methods foods are made safe by a combination of temperature and time. The recommended 165° for chicken is an instantaneous temperature for rendering it safe. Foods can be made safe by holding them at the proper temperature for a predefined amount of time. The time is based on temperature and product thickness. The different time/temperture combinations you see will yield different textures with chicken.

Here is a good reference for your sous vide cooking.

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Thank you very much.

YMMV but for me, I like boneless skinless chicken breasts cooked at 140 to 4 hours. They’re a big hit with the family as well, especially when stuffed with a mixture of garlic and goat cheese

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