Whole Chicken Cut Up

I normally cook a whole chicken cut up in the oven, would like to do sous vide after dry brining. What time and temperature would be best and can it all be in one bag or do I have to cook at different times and temperatures. Would like to just sear when done for crispy skin.

I normally do chicken at 150Ā°F for 2-3 hours. While you can go lower I like a little firmer texture. You can also go higher up to 165Ā°F for traditional texture.

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I would go different temps for the breast and the thighs/drums. Easiest method is to put everything in at the lower breast temp (140-145) for a couple of hours, then remove the breasts and crank up to 150-165 for another hour or so. Then sear everything.

The temps are a range because it really comes down to a matter of personal preference. And you certainly could pick a middle ground and do everything together, as John suggests, though I would keep it under 160 for breasts.

When in doubt, Serious Eats always has the best guidance: