Sous vide chicken breast -worked for you?

i followed a chicken breast recipe (boneless, skinless) which called for 2 hours at 146F. After 2 hours, i was very excited to serve the chicken to my family. Imagine my disappointment to cut the chicken breast open to find that they were not cooked through. we had to finish in the oven and frankly chicken wasn’t great.

have you cooked chicken breast in the Anova? for how long at what temperature? these were ‘normal’ boneless skinless breasts totaling 1lb and the thickest breast was perhaps 1.5" at it’s thickest part. i didn’t pound them thinner/or consistent thickness. from what i read, in the sous vide, it shouldn’t have mattered.

i’m trying to determine if i’m going to keep this thing. I’m not that happy with the Anova but want to experience sous vide cooking. so, to me, this is to determine if i bother with it.

look forward to hearing about your experience.

Without pictures its hard to say for sure but after 2 hrs if the chicken was underdone , the temp was set too low.
Please keep in mind that a lot of things cooked this way will seem underdone compared to traditional methods .
I generally like to follow Kenji’s recipes here , and his temp for "tender and juicy " is 150 deg, and “traditional firm and juicy” at 160.
Believe it or not a few degrees difference make a huge big deal.

My favourite for chicken breast is this one which appears on the Anova recipe site and in the app:

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For some people, like my wife will find the chicken breast at that particular temperature a bit “off”. For me, it’s just superbly tender and I do it at 140f. Never been a fan of chic breast before as all of them has been stringy and tough before this… but yea, if you prefer the traditional outcome, go for 160f±.

Chicken breast and pork tenderloin often appear under cooked when you use the lower end of the recommended settings. The texture is also different than you may be use to. it will be moister and not stringy at all. If you brine it the meat will be considerably moister. I would suggest taking a temperature reading in the center of the breast when it comes out if you are worried that it did not come up to temperature or leave it in the bath another 15-30 minutes.

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I cook my chicken breasts at 149’F (65’C) for 1hr. Cooked through and very tender. If you put few pieces of the breasts in one bag, you must make sure that they are properly spaced otherwise you will find those parts joined together will not be cooked.

Hi,I have made bonless chicken many times following the honey mustard,and garlic lemon recipes in the anova app with superb results,moist, tender, and never undercooked.not sure what happened with yours but give it another try.I have had my anova for 4 months ,made ribeye,thick pork chops,shrimp,and port tenderloin all with exceptional results.My girlfriend was skeptical but now says"so glad you bought this".

Had you “flattened” these chicken breasts so they were a consistent thickness before cooking? That might help to ensure they are exposed to the water allowing for more even cooking.

No need to flatten. The timing is for pasteurisation of the thickest part. And the nature of sous vide means that the thinner parts will not be over done.