A LIttle housecleaning necessary Alyssa.

Hi Alyssa. The recipes section of our website is in need of your delete button. There are many recipes that have no info whatsoever regarding prep, time or instructions. Typically they just have a title (ie turkey leg) and that’s all you get. Also there are a few goofy recipes (ie baby-bathwater) Makes us look bad compared to the other big company. Just sayin…:smirk:


I’ll second that.

I third this and I’m with you. We’re working out a better system with cleaning out published recipes. We did push down imageless recipes to the bottom, but I think we can do better with organizing them. I will share this feedback with the rest of the team because I do think this important too.

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Thank You! (not that I would ever put a live turtle in a vacuum sealed bag to make turtle soup) Maybe a frog though.:scream:

For the baby-bathwater recipe, do you happen to have the URL for it?

Actually - found it.