Remove the create RECIPE section from the app (It's useless) (Details in topic)

You guys should just remove the create recipe section from the app because it make no sense, and because it makes no sense, it’s literally useless. When it comes to something like this, the whole reason for the creation section is to share what you did. with the community.

With the amount of detail embedded into the create section, it’s blatantly obvious the create section is specifically to share with others.

Trying to say it makes it easier has nothing to do with all the description boxes, pictures, and steps, Since people are preventing from sharing their recipe’s then all that’s needed in the create section is to set the time and temp, this whole thing of steps,uploading pictures is just nonsense.

Seriously add in a publish option for recipe’s or just remove that part of the app. All people need for their private recipe’s is a small note pad.

That whole section of the app is ridiculously silly.


I’m confused because I’m my app it has a section for ‘recipes you publish’. I tried to upload a picture but it won’t seem to upload. However honestly if I do something unique and I want to document it for the future, it’s best to be in my app.

How are you confused about this? A published recipe means it can be found by searching the already existing ones in the app.
Since the app does not have button called PUBLISH RECIPE, there is no possible way you can have any recipe’s listed in the recipe’s you have published section of your profile. Which brings me to the point of my post:
Having a section in the app called recipes you have PUBLISHED is just straight up idiotic it’s impossible to publish a recipe without a button to do so. It’s just as idiotic to have a rating for recipes you create because you cannot share them for people to rate.

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By default recipes are private. Have you tried to create a recipe AFTER selecting the “published” tab?

Not sure it works BUT trying to help you I discovered how to access and publish your private recipes. but you have to do it on a browser (PC or mobile phone).

1 - go to (or click on the recipes tab on the top of this page)
2 - login with your credentials
3 - click on the top right round icon
then you will see "my recipes ", if you click on it your private recipes are listed
4 - click on one, which you can edit, as you whish, and on the right you’ll see an orange publish button :v:t3:

After doing steps 1-3, I can tell you that number 4 is completely false.
I have been on and through every screen in the app, and there is no such button as PUBLISH anywhere.

not on the app, but in a browser!

maybe there? or use another browser ?

I already added a recipe in my app complete with pictures and everything, I have the app opened to the publish screen RIGHT NOW AS I TYPE THIS MESSAGE:

There are 2 things majorly wrong with the picture you posted:

1. Publish just has a blank screen with a message that says recipe’s you publish to the Anova Recipes Feed will appear here.
There isn’t a single option at all anywhere in the publish screen and there is no possible way to get anything into it either because there is no button PUBLISH

2. The Video url option shown in your picture also doesn’t exist.

Here is a screenshot of what the publish screen truly looks like in the Anova app:

What you said above about pressing create after selecting publish has nothing to do with anything. The Create A Recipe option I circled in green, has absolutely no relevance or connection to the private and or published tabs in the app.

I don’t know what app you’re on, but it isn’t the Anova. The Anova app doesn’t have any options shown in your screenshot.

you show me screenshot from a smartphone, using the anova app.
the screenshot with all functionalilites come from a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, whatever your preferred browser is) on a computer, not a smartphone.

you can create your recipes on your smartphone.

BUT when you want to publish it go to a computer, you cannot from a smartphone. This is the main limitation for the time being.

just follow what I wrote above (but not from a mobile phone sorry for the mistake)

This is the main reason I like the Anova. I use the create recipe feature all the time as it saves me time looking up in a notepad the time and temp for a cook. I like that I can add the finishing steps.

Best regards, Jennifer