Advice on vacuum sealing with marinade please

I have a basic foodsaver vacuum sealer that doesn’t have a “moist” mode but want to vacuum seal meat with a wet marinade.
Would wrapping the meat and marinade in microwave safe catering grade plastic wrap and then sealing in a proper vacuum bag work? And would it be safe?
Thanks in advance

aid process by attempting to remove air pockets manually first. stop the vacuum when the liquid is pushed near the lip of the bag, and seal.

One trick I’ve learned is to let the bag hang off the counter with the meat and marinade off the edge at about a 90º angle. The edge of the counter and the weight of the meat provides a loose “seal” that still allows for vacuum sealing but keeps the marinade from getting sucked out. :ok_hand:


@jordan’s trick worked for me with my first vac-sealer. I still do it now with my current one even though it has a soft pull setting for dealing with moisture.

Add everything to the bag, put it in the freezer for 5-6 hours, then seal.

I’ve had mixed results with the “hang over the counter” method. The pump in my sealer doesn’t really kick down that much when set to the “gentler” modes.


freezer is an awesome tip. I will try that next time!

Light freezing also works with softer foods like chicken breasts. It helps them keep a better shape while cooking.

Sweet hack, thank you!