Alexa & Anova interaction model utterances

Hi guys,

Made a post over here asking the Reddit community what phrases and utterances they’d like to be able to make with their APCs, and any suggestions they might have about additional functionality.

Feel free to do the same here, and I’ll put them into the skill.


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‘Shut up’ and ‘shoosh’ to silence the infernal beeping.

I’d expect the others would be obvious like Temperature/temp and Time and Cook and Stop.


already had shush for the beeping, will add shut up. the other stuff is already there as mentioned in the reddit thread

Got to give it an Aussie vocabulary as well as a proper one. :wink:

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“The machine that goes ping” = beep

when that’s said, you want it to beep?

might actually be able to do that, will try.

Yes. That would be great.

An easter egg for Python fans.

“Alexa, get the machine that goes PING” = Anova PC beeps once. Or something like that.

unfortunately you have to say something like “alexa, ask anova blah” or “alexa, tell anova blah” for that to happen :frowning:

“Alexa, tell Anova to get the machine that goes ping” ?

that’ll work! (assuming i can tell the anova’s alarm to start)