Another Unit rattling

Hello everyone,

I am, a for the most part, happy owner of the 220V Anova Precision Cooker. I have been using it extensively since I received it in late December, but unfortunately I have some issues.

The more I use it and the more I notice the four screws that keep together the 2 plastic components of the clamp are not able to keep it together as hard as before: when I tighten the clamp the 2 parts open up a little bit. I ll send a picture when I can.

The more annoying issue is the fact that it seems the heating element is slowly loosing alignment with the unit and leaning towards one side, almost touching the protection causing some sort of rattling sound.

Any suggestions?

@myhero Could you send a picture of the heating element and also the screws? You should be able to bend it back into place when unplugged. Also, have you tried screwing the screws back in or do they keep coming loose after?

We’d be happy to take the unit back and replace it if you’re continuing to experience issues - let me know, thanks!