Anova - odd noises intermittently during cooking

My Anova Precision Cooker has begun making intermittent odd warning sounds during cooking. The device keeps on working during the episode. It’s not a low water level issue, nor does it seem to be related to bags getting too close to the agitator. If I move the Cooker slightly it stops the noise, only to return from time to time. It may be absent for hours, or it may re-occur over a period of time.

So sorry you’re having issues. What sound are you hearing? Email and we can assist further!

Hmm, well it was a wailing sound like a siren, but varying in pitch.

However, I think I may have resolved it. When I removed the bottom black cap that hides the agitator, all looked clean.

I then undid the silver sleeve that hides the heating elements and agitator shaft. On the bottom of the agitator shaft where it meets the agitator itself was wrapped a few fibres (maybe coarse hairs). I removed these with tweezers, and am hopeful that it was the cause. Perhaps it had been sufficient to throw the agitator out of balance when it was spinning.

I’ve always removed the black cap after using the Anova, and it’s been a lesson to me to remove the silver sleeve too to properly check for gunk.

Hello, you may also wish to check for scale, depending upon how hard is your water. Too much scale buildup acts like an insulator, and may make sensing and heating less accurate. Scrubbing or a dip in vinegar works.

Second for white vinegar (I use it every month or so, & we are a very calcium heavy area) 15 minutes does it fine as my bare minimum.

Sounds could be the seating of the anova bottom against the pot? …sometimes there is sag dependent upon what you hook it up to & how it seats & tightens, easy on the whole to overcome.

Or the plastic base coming loose (my original does that occasionally)
fibres from paper packaging immersed in that pre-vacuumed meat with the sticky label can build up in places but the fragments are easy to remove in standard periodic clean ups & de-calcs.

(save your white vinegar it can be used over & over to descale kettles & the likes)