Anova Firmware Update

There has been an update to the Anova firmware! In order to receive an updated unit, you’ll need to send your firmware back to our facility in Stafford, Texas. We will then send you the new firmware so you have the latest version to continue your app development with. Some of the updates include:

  • Fixed C/F conversion bug
  • Fixed pairing bug where the system does not un-pair
  • Added power loss detection
  • Modified blue tooth light to turn blue when paired
  • Manual Time function is now elective - timer function can be toggled on / off
  • Smart scroll function added to optimize faster scrolling
  • Updated the front silk screen with new graphics

For updated firmware, please email to request a shipping label. We will then send you a complementary shipping label for you to use in order to ship your machine back to us.

Thank you!

@JordanHouston, is there any chance of this (eventually) being doable over Bluetooth?

Also, is it possible for someone with suitable electronics development experience to do it themselves?

ok, I’m a bit confused. Will this be just a firmware update that is done to our existing devices we send back, or will it be a brand new device with new firmware that’s shipped once you receive our existing units? I can’t see how a firmware update alone can change the front silk screen graphics. And hasn’t the timer function been removed now as per the photo from Stephen Svajian on 22 Sept, so why are you bothering with a firmware update that changes the timer function?

I just received another unit about a week ago because my previous unit had some glitches. Do I still need to send my unit back to get the firmware update, or is my current unit up to date?

I finally got my unit today. I assume that the new prototypes (with «Current temperature») have the new firmware preinstalled. Is that correct?

@jcalaby‌, Yes. We’ll be able to do certain types of updates OTA in the future.

@leonard‌, You are correct. Your unit should have the most recent firmware.

There has been an update to the Anova firmware!

How can I detect which firmware is on my device?

- Manual Time function is now elective - timer function can be toggled on / off

How can this be toggled on?


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Hi @bcapaldo, you’re unit has already been updated to the new system. Thank you!

Hi @aarthur, thank you for checking. The unit will need to be sent back to us for updates. We will send the same unit back to their original owner.

Thanks for your reply Jordan. I’ll wait until my production unit turns up and then send my dev unit back - I can’t bear to be without it for as long as it will take to ship from Australia to the US and back.

I have two comments on the timer function on the last 220V prototype:
When I turn one the time function, the device changes from C to F also. That is annoying. It should be so that if timer function is turned on/off the temperature scale reverts back to the original setting.
After I unplug the unit, it forgets that I switched the timer function on. It is possible to make it remember whether the timer function is toggled on or off? That would be much better.

@"Stephen Svajian"‌ Do I have the same firmware that the “production units” now have?

@leonard‌ I haven’t got an answer on my questions four comments up in this thread from Oct 14th. And still no documentation. Can you please explain how to enable the timer function? TIA!

@fscholz - Sure! From the manual page 16:
To display Timer function:

  1. Press and hold “Play/Start” for 8 seconds -
  2. Press and hold the timer icon for 3 seconds to set time via the scroll wheel. Pressing start or the timer icon again will start the timer countdown

@leonard‌ thank you very much!

@leonard Thank you so much for the suggestions and feedback. It is because of backers like you that we are able to learn and to make adjustments and changes in our current and future products. We have passed your feedback on to the appropriate team. Unfortunately, at this time the timer function is not able to memorize anything but we will definitely take it into consideration. As always, please let us know if you have any questions or further feedback.