Anova Not Maintaining Temperature

Hi, I am a new Anova user. I have cooked chicken breasts and egg bites as my first attempts at sous vide. I used a cast iron dutch oven for a container. I then purchased two coleman coolers, the 24 can and 48 cans models that seem to very be popular to modify for immersion circulators. I cut a hole in the lid and was ready for ribs this weekend.

I had a package of ribs from costco that i thawed out and seasoned in the fridge overnight. The package contained 4 racks which i halved and placed in ziplocs. I followed or am following a recipe from that will warm the ribs at 150F for 24 hours followed by an ice bath and then finished with sauce on a charcoal grill.

I got everything going this morning with no problems. i used warm water and some hotter water from my kettle to speed things up a bit. i placed the bags in the water, forced the air out and everything was going good. However as the afternoon went the temperature started to degrade and not maintain the 150 deg. I then tried multiple things, adding hot water, removing water, unplugging the unit, repositioning the bags, increasing the temperature. Nothing worked so i then put all the ribs in the smaller cooler, filled it and started over. It hit 150 deg right away and i thought the problem was solved. But within a half hour the temperature started to degrade again even in the smaller cooler.

Any theories as to what might be going on and any ideas to rectify this problem. Are eight half racks of ribs too much at one time? I sure hope i don’t end up wasting these ribs but right now i’m not sure what will happen over night and am very concerned that all this trouble this might be all for not. Thank you for any help.

Sounds like you need support. Your unit should be able to hold the temperature in the water in an insulated container like that.

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