Anova Oven Sous Vide Basics - APO

Hey Fam, where’s the topic for APO sous vide basics, experiments, and tips/tricks? Hoping to start a thread for oven-specific adaptations and intel for sous vide mode. Did I mention I’m using the OVEN on SOUS VIDE mode?

I’m going to sous vide marinaded chicken wings and drumsticks so I can freeze them in portions, then defrost, dredge, and fry them later. I’m new to the community and amazed at the lack of basics when searching for “sous vide bone-in chicken”. Lots of seemingly great recipes out here, but what about the general learning curve for those of us who already love to cook and are just adapting our routine to the APO universe?

I don’t want to ask the internet for sous vide info - that’s mostly water bath info. Let’s make it happen for our APO people!

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I don’t generally post internet replies, but I will make an exception here, because I am very happy with how my Anova Oven cooks beef. Here’s what works well for me. I buy preseasoned/marinated beef tri-tip. Currently it costs $8-$10 a pound. Trader Joe’s is reliable quality but typically more expensive than my neighborhood Grocery Outlet. If you search for Tri-Tip in the oven app you’ll see “Marinated Tri-Tip.” Note that the recipe is for making your own marinade, which I’ll bet is pretty good, but it’s easier to just buy the premarinated. The settings in this memorized recipe are Sous Vide Mode On, Steam 100%, Temp 140 degrees F, Heat Rear. Obviously you can set all of those manually if you prefer not to use the app. I put the rack and Anova pan in the bottom slot with aluminum foil in the pan for easy clean up. I put the meat on another rack, one slot above the pan, this helps the air circulation and lets extra fat drip off the tri-tip. I simply put the probe in the tri-tip and hit “preheat”. Absolutely no reason to wait for the oven to preheat before putting the beef in, it’s going to cook slowly no matter what. The App recipe will just do it’s thing, nothing else required. It takes about 90 minutes to finish. Best part is, no worry about getting the tri-tip out afterwards, it stays perfectly cooked even if you leave it going for an hour or two. Using 140 degrees delivers a medium/rare cook, it is fairly rare in the center. If you like it less rare, just set the temp between 145 and 160 according to your preference. Lastly, though perfectly cooked, the beef is not pretty. It’s sort of bland looking. I like to brown my tri-tip on my gas barbecue for 5 minutes a side. Makes it look and taste like restaurant quality. I tried to save trouble once by setting the Anova Oven to brown/broil from the upper element. It took longer than the barbecue and made a clean up mess in the oven. I have become so fond of this method that I cook it every week and keep the finished tri-tip in the fridge for an easy snack or meal. It’s so good I often just have a couple of slices without even reheating it. 15-20 seconds in the microwave is a perfect reheat. Even if I never used my Anova Oven for anything else, this one recipe would make owning it worthwhile. I have experimented with a few other dishes, and plan to in the future, but for now 90% of my cooking has been this tri-tip cook.

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