Precision Oven: First recipes to try?

Excited to get my APO, hopefully next month.
Curious what recipes would be “must-try” for a new oven user?

Just got my APO 2 days ago. I tried the ginger cookie recipe first. The cookies were amazing! I did tweet the recipe, by making the cookies super thin using a small scoop. They cam out perfectly like large ginger crisps. Can’t wait to see what you try!

I’ve tried a bunch, from chicken, steak and pork to sourdough bread, brownies and cake.

To simplify my response I’ll discuss the proteins:

I seasoned and cooked sous vide chicken tenderloins for 90 minutes at 160 degrees, then seared them quickly. I then cut them into bite size pieces and added them to a pasta dish we make.

I seasoned a ribeye with salt, pepper and garlic powder and refrigerated overnight. Cooked it for 90 minutes at 135 degrees, then seared one side only for about a minute and a half.

The pork loin was seasoned with a rub I like, cooked at 145 for 90 minutes sous vide and seared.

All my times and temps were based off the Anova sous vide I have been using, and I have to tell you they all came out excellent.