New to my Precision Cooker

hello and Good Morning Everybody I am new to this I would like any suggestions about what should I cook in my cooker

My 3 suggestions for your first cooks with the Precision Cooker are Boneless Chicken Breast, Pork Tenderloin and Salmon Filet. All of these are very easy and turn out great. I have had mine for a long time and all three are still favorites. I would also give steak a try early on in your adventure. It is really the signature meat for Sous Vide. I like to use a thicker cut cooked just under medium rare and seared then basted with butter. Choose a good tender steak to start off with.

Once you are comfortable the doors are wide open for all kinds of dishes.

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I’d concur with the chicken breast. It’s one of those things that is really difficult to get perfect in a ‘normal’ manner. Even top knotch chefs can have an off day and finish up with slightly over done, dry chicken breast.

Eggs are also a fun thing to play with. Though not really sous vide, they cant help in understanding the time and temperature combination. For eggs I’d suggest a look at not only the Serious Eats page but also the ChefSteps visual guide (yeah… I know… It’s the opposition.) In a very simplistic way you can think about the temperature selected as controlling the texture of the egg white, and the cook time as controlling the texture of the yolk.

Congratulations on the purchase. You have some interesting experiments ahead.

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okay I am trying the sous vide butter poached shrimp

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One of the first things I cooked was a nice pork tenderloin from a nearby butcher. Super easy/simple, and the results were pretty amazing.

For something similar, boneless skinless works (always remember to pat your meat dry before sear!) :slight_smile:

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