Class Ideas

If you were going to teach a class about using an immersion circulator and had to cook something other than short ribs, steak or pork tenderloin to demonstrate the power of a PC what would you make?

I would do poached eggs, chicken breast or fish filets.

I had salmon recently and it really did well in Sous Vide.

I agree that I would start with eggs but I would do a striploin and then maybe chicken. I find that getting a handle on the perfect time/temp with fish is very delicate. Also, I like that beef can be held for much longer without any harm so it’s a lot less intimidating for the first time sous vide user. 

Great sugguestions. I was considering eggs. It is a really fun and easy thing to show the precision with.

Hard boiled eggs really turn out well and you can control the texture of the yolk with a little practice.

chicken foshure.

I love my precision chicken!

Corn-on-the-cob.   183ºF for 15-20 minutes yields the sweetest-tasting, best cooked corn I’ve ever had.   Even better, the corn can have salt, pepper, butter, and whatever else added before sealing.   So it is a really simple matter to go from cooking water to mouth by just removing ears from the bag and inserting corn grippers.   Great taste and texture, quick, easy!

I never even thought of corn on the cob! Weekend plans, go!

Burgers! Pretty quick and easy, not too much prep involved, and (almost) everyone loves a good burger, right?

When I demonstrate, I use hamburgers, chicken breasts, small steaks (like a chuck-eye steak) as well as prepackaged vacuum sealed sausage and pork or turkey tenderloins that are marinated from the producer. I’ve even done Zatarain’s Hopp’in John! 

Chicken breast is the great illustrator of results, not just technique, since the result is so dramatically different to cooking with more conventional methods. I’ve had people actually not believe me when I’ve told them it was a chicken breast they just ate. I’m certain there’s been a small spike in APC sales each time I’ve done that.