New and impatient.

Hello everyone.
As the title states I am new to the forum and I’m impatiently waiting for my Anova Nano that should come in November.

What would you recommend me to cook first? This would be the first time I try sous vide cooking.

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There are SO many things to try! One of my first cooks was with a ribeye steak - it was the best steak I ever had. My definition of a great steak changed then. Also, chicken is underrated, but it’s a game changer sous vide.

Chicken breast. Boneless and skinless. Everyone has experienced dry and stringy chicken breast. Sous vide makes this a thing of the past.

Pork tenderloin is also easy and turns out great.

Welcome, but I have to say, sous vide will be stressful for an impatient person. It takes WAY more time than conventional cooking but so worth the wait in getting the result just right.

You will grow to love sous vide the first time you have started cooking and guests show up late or you must run a quick errand.

Well once you set things up you can do something else to keep yourself busy… Right?

Sounds like a good and easy start. Only 4 months :sweat:

Pick something you typically struggle with getting “just right”.

For me, I believe it was pork chops. Which was something that I would typically always dry out in cooking.

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Two steak dinners and one chicken breast dinner; we are honeymooners. I can attest that my wife’s and my eyes went bug eyed with the first bites.

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