Newb Awaiting Arrival of Anova

New unit should arrive UPS late tomorrow. Anxious!

What might be a good meat to do on my first sous vide that would be ready in 24 hours for Friday night dinner?

Thanks for any tips forthcoming…



My first cook was a NY strip from a local butcher.
Generously seasoned with salt and pepper, tossed it into the ziploc freezer bag, squished out the air through water immersion method then I let it cook @ 132F for 1h30min (roughly). Removed it from the bag, patted it down thoroughly so it was dry, then I seared it on a red-hot cast iron skillet w/ a bit of oil for about 10 seconds each side. I ate it and felt like a king.

Oh and there was a side of potatoes and mushrooms, of course :slight_smile:

See my comment about our Memorial Weekend.

If you have 24 hours before eating, get a chuck roast and have the butcher cut it into 2" thick “steaks”. Twenty-four hours at 135F, then sear as Bill describes and serve. Otherwise, I’d do the strip like Bill says – thicker the better. 

Pork Tenderloin is also a great first choice. Easy and so much better than any other method. I do mine at 136°F for 2 hours. Salt, pepper and a pat of butter in the bag. Sear in a hot pan and serve.

If there’s one piece of advice I can offer anyone starting out with sous vide, it’s to consider investing in a vacuum sealer. You can get by without one but they make life so much easier.