Anova PC, Google Home and Australian English

Just a general query.

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I tried to use Google Home to query the temperature on my WiFi connected
Anova PC and got the response that “Anova is not supported in Australian English”.

Any plans to support voice commands to Anova PC’s with something other than “American English”?

Just a gentle reminder that America is not the world and that English has several variants of which
American is just one…

Makes 100% sense. I’ll get back to this - I am going to find out out more details on the skill and the different English dialects it picks up.


I just spoke with the product team. We received notice from Google that the skill for en-AU (Austrailian English) has already been released. It’s supposed to be already working, but since you’re still facing some issues with it, the team is going to go back and look into what’s going on and if anything’s broken. Sorry about that!


Aussie English should’ve been first as the skill was written by an Aussie. :wink:

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That might be true that the skill/Action might have been developed by an Aussie,
that does not mean it was necessarily developed for Australian English.

Trying to use AlyssaWOAH’s instructions to link my Anova PC to Google Home
using the Google Home app, I am in the Discover tab and say

“O,K. Google, Open Anova”

and it replies “Sorry not currently setup for Australian English” or words to that effect.

Whilst doing this the Anova PC is on and is also recognised by the Anova App…